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August 28, 2011


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After Seeing, help others See, like Zennist is doing. It is preferable to Azanshi's arrogance. But who knows, maybe even his asshole ways are boddhisatvic and skillful.

Thank you, but I wasn’t asking for ‘a teaching’. I was asking for a description of your everyday life. For example, one can describe the Buddha’s everyday life: He wore a robe made of patched together rags. He had a bowl for alms. He went begging for food in the morning and ate whatever was placed in his bowl. He walked the Indian countryside and often went off to sit in solitude. He taught the monks that gathered about him and any person or persons whom he met. And he did this for 40 years.

Mr Neanderthal wrote;

"How will you live? And why will you do/live as you do?

Do you live as awakened ones or are you frauds?"

Goes into "teacher" mode and points to the big black board:

If you awake partially to the law /dharma, you simply live in accordance (harmony) with the law, striving to become more of this law [1] and less of what is not the law i.e. samsara.

If you fully awake [Buddha] to the law any speaking of life or living is meaningless. What is awakened can not be said to live as it is beyond the confines of the five skandhas. Yes, yes...you might see a walking talking "Buddha" or "bodhisattva", but the awakened is not in this body nor this body.

I am sure such eloquent buddhists like Vaccha can ecplain this further to you. When it comes to the law you can see me, and the likes of me, as a sort of Lawman, whiteboy. Kicking your american butt up and down that dumb street you like to visit so much.

[1] The living Principle/life force of One Mind/Pure Mind.

Azanshi & Kojizen; There’s no doubt that my posts are an easy target for your derision. But my question applies to you: Given your mystical experiences and views, what will you, as an awakened one or as one on the path to awakening, do? How will you live? And why will you do/live as you do?

Do you live as awakened ones or are you frauds?

Clyde...clyde...this is the ghost of cristmas past. I am a bit premature this year but your confused questions merited a good answer.

Here it is, directly from RCA "His Master's Voice" Buddha lands, translated to non-aryan lingo, as to suit your zen drenched brain.



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