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August 18, 2011


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Phenomenalism is "the view that physical objects do not exist as things in themselves but only as perceptual phenomena or sensory stimuli (e.g. redness, hardness, softness, sweetness, etc.) situated in time and in space. In particular, phenomenalism reduces talk about physical objects in the external world to talk about bundles of sense-data." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phenomenalism

The clye clown wrote;

"I believe it is well accepted that Ch’an/Zen was/is known as the “meditation school” and that zazen (“seated meditation”) is the primary (but not the only) practice."

For most spiritual bozos, ignorance is to a certain point, bliss. To you however you will soon find how painful it can really become. But smile, you can always see it as buddhist joko beck zen practise - a weird kind of western white boy testament, where a do not harm potsmoking hippie
mind set can be as beneficial as the noble wisdom of a genuine zen sage-grins.

Imperishable Night, Methinks The Zennist is on good grounds when he views Dogen's Zen as religious phenomenalism. I just found this, it goes right to the matter. http://goo.gl/JgzRY (Dialogue and syncretism: an interdisciplinary approach By Jerald D. Gort, page 138)

All well, but if this post was meant to target Dogen again ... I think you made Dogen into a straw man. The real Dogen is not a "phenomenalist".

Read the "One Bright Pearl" chapter of the Shobogenzo and see is your phenomenalist straw man argument holds water.

"One bright pearl is able to express Reality without naming it, and we can recognize this pearl as its name. One bright pearl communicates directly through all time; being through all the past unexhausted, it arrives through all the present. While there is a body now, a mind now, they are one bright pearl. That stalk of grass, this tree, is not a stalk of grass, is not a tree; the mountains and rivers of this world are not the mountains and rivers of this world. They are one bright pearl. "

"Therefore, the reality and beginninglessness of one bright pearl are beyond grasp. All the universe is one bright pearl—we do not speak of two pearls or three pearls. The whole body is one right Dharma eye. "

"Each of the many facets of its radiant variegations are the quality of the entire universe—who can take them away."

Etc. etc.

I believe it is well accepted that Ch’an/Zen was/is known as the “meditation school” and that zazen (“seated meditation”) is the primary (but not the only) practice.

And please note that the Buddha sat under the Bodhi tree in meditation.

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