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August 02, 2011


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If you are "real", this is mind.

If you are "illusion", this is mind.

"Mind" is illusion of real/not real.

Seeing this, illusion of "annihilation" falls away.

Oh, believe me, Kojizen. I agree with you entirely. My point is really that a stark formulation of the issue -- as in this post but virtually nowhere else on this altogether admirable and valuable blog -- permits the kind of logical interpretation that I make. I don't myself believe it to be thus...

Arsen, Here is where you start going off into the deep end: "Therefore by penetrating to the point where all differences vanish, I vanish." I think The Zennist has covered this many times. In a nutshell the penetration through illusion is a return to self - not its vanishing or its annihilation. In addition, the illusion making process is simply the way a pure medium like Mind begins to recognize itself since such a pure medium, in itself, has no marks. I think Herr Hegel would applaud The Zennist. :)

I chuckle at your oscillations, Azanshi. The cute things kids do say!

Arsen wrote;

"Why did the Mind oscillate and thus create a difference? Why did it create illusion? And may I not then be an illusion myself? If I am not, then I am Mind. But then I ought to know why I chose to become ignorant through illusion. If I didn’t know what would happen before, was I really Mind with a leading cap? Was the sovereignty of absolute Mind not enough for me? Conversely, if I am the illusion, why is it up to me to do the penetrating? So that I can annihilate myself?"

Aaahhh….an old phenomenalist trying to get the core of chán. Spiritually dead and dumb as a doornail but at least one honest to himself, which is a good beginning.

I assume, as you are retired, and reached a point where you feel death knocking on your door, like an old Harry Potter, you have yet to find the invisibility cloak to hide yourself from the consequences of your past transgressions in this life and the ones forgotten from previous lives you so conveniently have chosen to forget.

Joking aside. Me thinks you need to contemplate the word "superlogics" + the word "koan" (gong' an). When you apply ordinary logics on a koan, or as in the authors case, the incomprehensible logics of Pure Mind, you end up with a shit load of paradoxes. But when you apply superlogics (Bi guan/Pi kuan) on a koan you do penetrate the problem at hand which prohibits enlightenment, and thus awakes to a shining principle enabling the self-realized (bodhi-sattva/light-being) to at least put one foot on the other shore (nibbana).

You get me old man?

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