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August 23, 2011


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Arsen wrote: "Thanks for the persistent effort!!"

2nd that!

I will though continue kicking spoiled white boy one-thumb-in-mouth-other-on-blanket- weirdos, expecting to be served the same sweet cup of hot chocolate-buddhism as they are by their smooth talking "mommy" (read. buddhawannabe roshi) in the nearest feel good/don´t hurt my feelings zen center.

Pop-Buddhism might be uncomfortable by what you say here, but for me it was a tremendous relief to discover a voice that speaks to the core of Buddhism -- extremely difficult to find stated so simply, yet also supported by genuine scriptures, in the absolutely acres and acres and acres of other so-called Buddhist sites. Thanks for the persistent effort!!

Kris Grey's criticisms notwithstanding, The Zennist has helped me a lot. I think that is the intended purpose of the blog.

"Pop Buddhism" (as you define it) does not deserve your mercy any more than it deserves you to treat it as 'canon' fodder.

Enlightenment, equanimity. and compassion are inseparable. In that light your style comes off as a sort of "tough love" approach (with an honest directness needed to be clear) - but without the love.

My only point of difference is that such labeling and contentious denigration essentially reflects the flip-side of same error you point out (superficiality/appearances), thus equally fail to apply the Buddha's teachings.

The shadow you cast over others' practices (as worthless/misguided as they may be) in the spirit of 'Dark Zen' (mystical/core/whatever term you like), this focus on what is not that, being based on appearances, also fails.

The Middle Path leaves no room to take sides.

It's important to get high quality English translations of the large body of Buddhist literature from the various sects in place for the benefit of the next generations. English is already the de-facto standard language of business and science.

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