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August 09, 2011


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Clyde, you're aware that Soto Zen has more or less been split. The Soto of Dogen and the Soto of Keizan. The Soto that is in the U.S. stinks of Dogen. I am sure The Zennist had Dogen's Soto in mind.

Koji; Do you read what Zennist writes? Look at the previous post by Zennist (dated August 8, 2011). Here is the first sentence: “Soto Zen is certainly capable of muddling up the profound and yet simple (never simplistic) teachings of the Buddha.”

There is no disagreement between your position and Dogen's. Only misunderstanding. You seem to miss his irony/purposeful use of contradictions, sort of like an American who can't fully appreciate Brit humor because of the language barrier.

No harm, but as the other commenter notes, there are endless paths. Beating this dead horse raises a stink that drifts over you other more insightful posts.

Clyde, I don't think The Zennist has anything against Soto Zen. Ejo, for example, is spiritually coherent as were others who tried to distance themselves from Dogen. Face it Clyde, Dogen is teaching wrong view with his emphasis on just sitting zazen which he takes quite literally. It is entirely external.

Fortunately, if Dogen and (Japanese) Soto Zen are not suitable for you, there are other Zen sects/lineages, including (Chinese) Ch’an, (Japanese) Rinzai, (Korean) Soen, (Vietnamese) Thien, and several others. The American Zen Teachers Association has a list here: http://www.americanzenteachers.org/practice.cfm .

And Sweeping Zen has both a list of authors/scholars/teachers here: http://sweepingzen.com/category/biographies/zen-biographies-by-tradition/ which can be searched by tradition and a list of sanghas here: http://sweepingzen.com/zen-centers/ .

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

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