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August 04, 2011


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I'm curious why you are asking a question, and then providing what you believe is the answer? That gives me the impression you are already closed to what I have to say.

As for the Dhamapada, you are mistaken in thinking we somehow don't like it or reject it. I the contrary the Dhamapada is one of my favorites. Do I agree with all of it, or take it literally? No. Do I need to believe every word of it and take it literally for it to be useful to my practice? No.

The Dhamapada is full of wisdom. I use what I can. I look at much of it through metaphor which makes it exponentially more useful to me.

Do I give thought to what is not of this world? No. I'm a human being of this world, of this life, and that is my focus.

While open to the existence of infinite dimensions and interpenetrating worlds beyond, I haven't grasped the point of discussing them. Because I don't really know what a secular Buddhist is (an unordained Buddhist?), I think I must be one. I use the label Buddhist only because it seems the best fit, so perhaps I'm not even a Buddhist. I relate to your previous post but have trouble with the cerebration required for this one. I appreciate the work you do here.

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