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August 04, 2011


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No, what you mean is that Secular Buddhists can't reject an unprovable and unlikely proposition and have YOU call them Buddhists. Fortunately, Secular Buddhists don't really care what YOU call them. My main question, especially to those of you who claim to be Zen practitioners -- if a transcendental metaphysical zone of some kind is so crucial to the practice of Buddhism, how come Western Zen teachers almost NEVER mention the concept? The only time I ever hear traditionalists in the West talk about such things is when they're denigrating those who don't accept them. By the way, we know that several verses in the Dhammapada read just like verses in Vedantic literature, so don't assume that because it's there it's some literal transcription of what Gotama said.

>>So the question we must ask of our secular Buddhists is how can they dismiss the world beyond and still call themselves Buddhists? The short answer is they can’t.<<

Wrong, my friend. It's easy: Fuck the Dhammapada.

Secular Buddhism is like eating the skin of the orange and throwing the juicy center away.

Dana Nourie, for some the Dhammpada can be like a smorgasbord. Others don't see it that way.

The quote itself appears to be an aged version of the discredited belief that atheists and agnostics are less moral than theists.

This assertion can be found in many religious and philosophical traditions, and at heart is nothing more than spiritual bullying aimed at silencing dissenting beliefs.

As an admittedly ignorant layman, I must admit to disappointment at finding the same kind of "appeal to authority" argument one hears from the Christian right in a Zen context. It feels out of place and contrary to the spirit of bold questioning I've come to expect from Buddhism.

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