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August 25, 2011


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if everything becomes a matter of community, the authentic and mystical can become lost ... but at the same time, one of the three Jewels is the Sangha , let's not forget

pop buddhism creates sanghas that are not arya-sangha, which are not a community of noble ones (arya-pudgala)

a true sangha, however, is a community of noble ones it is a different thing and can't be criticized

Flanked by such prolific American Buddhist writers like Robert Thurman (translator of Vimalakirti sutra) , brittish Bettany Hughes explores “Seven Wonders of the Buddhist World”. A beautiful documentary, far away from american hysteria and maniac mindgarbage ala demon producer Bruckheimer style.

This calm documentary takes the viewer on a great visual tour through the asian countries tocuhed by the most radiant and profound teachings ever offered to mankind. Well worth a view. Good to recharge your buddhist batteries in a world drowning in the suffering wars and monetary greed by abrahamic god freaks.

Docu. Review here:


Download film torrent here. (756 MB movie). Avi


Enjoy, and remember, white boy, joko beck pop-buddhism is harmful to your health.

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