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August 15, 2011


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Enjoyed reading your thoughts and look forward to updates. Its refreshing to see such passion and healthy opinions. Wish you, and all your readers all the very best.

Koji; Which Dharma centers have you visited? And if you’re suggesting that Westerns believe that mere attendance at Dharma centers will cause them to become enlightened, on what basis do you assert this?

Clyde, I have known people who got drunk almost everyday. Yet they denied that they are alcoholics. The same holds true for Westerners who attend Dharma centers. Although they will never admit it, they attend these centers in hopes of becoming enlightened either in this lifetime or in the ones to follow.

Zennist wrote:
“Some Westerners, however, believe that training to become a Zen abbot or joining a Zen community is all they have to do to become enlightened.”
“Because Westerners often believe such nonsense, the real spiritual path of Buddhism loses its significance and meaning.”

Zennist; I’ve not met one Zen Buddhist practitioner who believes such nonsense.

Good blog. You look past the trendy popularizations of Zen Buddhism into the depths. The culture co-opts everything. Zen is just a part of the brand of whatever you're trying to sell, like this: http://amzn.com/B00176APMY (Umbra Zen Die-Cast Metal Toilet Paper Holder)

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