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July 21, 2011


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Dear Mr. Kojizen, I think you are making an affirmation of the atman by stating the obvious that Gotama rejected the skandhas as anatman. This line of reasoning is both senseless and reeks of Judeo Christian insaneness.

You make talk about rebith, but there is no person or purisha to be reborn; the suffering you refer to is extended by your soul worshiping fantasies.

Olafson De Boer, since all things are not the self (sabbe dhamma anattâ) you should take the Buddha's advice: "sabbe dhammâ nâlam abhinivesâya" (SN. IV. 50) which is translated as "all things should not be clung to."

Whoops! Maybe you should cling to all things insofar as they are not the self (anatta). This way you can be assured of rebirth and suffering since what is anattâ IS suffering (SN. III. 22). :)

Qbrick wrote; " Buddhadhamma is a wonderful Path for us secularists to go in order to level up our innate "nihilism" to "supreme nihilism".

If that is true why do you keep returning to this place? Don´t tell me. You are here to admire the neatly done gardens, the fresh colours, the impressive fauna...nah me thinks the real reason you keep coming back here, mouthing at the author, blaring out your hair brain secular theories, is that you, like any lost and confused moth, is attracted to the nearest light and away from your own dreary, material darkness. (grins).

I do not appreciatie such comments; I am Finnish and Dutch, not an American. I might dirrect you that sabbe dhamma anatta , rejects the armsn in any context of Buddhist exposition; therefore to which your Hindu proclivities are exposed for what they are.

Sir Gotama rejected the atman fothwith in the Brahmajala Sutra and Samyutta Vacchagota Sutra. There ia no consensus of any pro atman slant pertaining to the Gotama

Azanshi, the vast plains east of the Ural can hardly be accounted as a civilized European society. Nor the nutty pentecostal cults you seem to come down from.
Let me tell you, in Central Europe secularism is rise´ing since decades and even our eastern neighbors are discovering the joy of at least one secular characteristic of the world to be found in Buddha's teachings, that is impermance of everything. Impermance is the killer weapon to goad and soul and the secular being making use of it is the murderer of goad and soul. Fortunately we have a lot of them living here. It's healthy and fresh. Buddhadhamma is a wonderful Path for us secularists to go in order to level up our innate "nihilism" to "supreme nihilism".
Now back to your cushion, taiga dweller. Finally do what has to be done.

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