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July 31, 2011


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Kojizen; If Soto Zen doesn’t appeal to you there are many fine Chan/Zen teachers from other lineages.

Junkie, As I read The Zennist, Alan Watts was not praised. As far as his drinking is concerned it was no worse that most Japanese abbots. Keep in mind that Maezumi Roshi publicly admitted he was an alcoholic in 1983.

youre praising alan watts? Jesus Jumped up Christ, that idiot was a druggie douche, a self confessed druggie

whoz yer other hero, charles manson? (barf)

Clyde, the truer path is to hold to the Buddha's teachings not that of some Soto robe flapper - the kind of dudes who post over on Zen Forum International.

“The Zen I had become witness to seemed to demand a closed, obedient mind which I was not used to. This was not the spirit of Zen.” – the Zennist

Geesh! That was then (perhaps) and this is now . . . and there are some wonderful Zen teachers in the U.S. (and there are mediocre Zen teachers and even a few ‘bad’ ones). You might consider actually visiting your local Zen (and/or other Buddhist) groups. Of course the easier path is to hold fast to your opinion.

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