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July 25, 2011


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Again I have to recommend these wonderful videos on zen buddhism/spirituality
(who is the guy making these pearls? Where does he get the material? I mean wow...)

I hope someone here might enjoy them as I have.

Paradise lost
(wonderful beautiful and awe-inspiring)

Spiritual prosperity

(deeply inspirational)

The Dharmakaya

(difficult to comprehend entirely but kindles something within oneself)

Excellent post, right up to that last line. Given your clarity on this, it should be equally clear that "just sitting" can be an expression of the very weaning off religion you are talking about, or even a means of skipping all that entirely.

This is not a promotion/defense of Soto, as I am not a poractitioner. There is simply just somthing that strikes me as curious in your outright rejection of it.

Very good analysis of the religion vs. spirituality dilemma. The root word of religion is essentially “religare”, and it means to be “bound”. Essentially, many are bound and content with their “perfunctory and ritualistic” perception of their apparent spiritual reality. Yet, the comfort of samsara is rapidly unraveling in the ever shifting sands of this present dharma-ending age and many are becoming “rooted-out” of this complacency as the primordial spirit beckons them ever homeward.

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