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July 28, 2011


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Zennist is working overtime providing a service of great value.

Great post - shame some of the commentators still don't get it.

People... just for a second, put down your ego and WAKE UP!

I'm beginning to think the blog writer just writes these pieces to troll western Buddhists and increase his sites views. There is a constant theme of focusing on how other people aren't following the REAL religion of Buddhism, which is his view of what Buddhism is and how you need to practice. What is more concerning is all of the anger I sense from the writer when I read some of his posts. I wish you peace brother and hope that you can tone down the rhetoric of how right and humble you are.

My Master pointed his Sensu (sort of Japanese folding fan) towards me and said:

These are the questions you have to answer in your daily contemplations, if you desire to grow in your spiritual training.

1. Why can´t I function without this Mind?
2. Where and what was this Mind before my present birth?
3. Where and what is this Mind after my upcoming death?
4. Is my present vision more of this body or more of this Mind?

And finally, based on the assumption you can answer the previous questions without error, "If my vision is more of this Mind, am I working as One (sambodhi) with [the self-nature of] this Mind or against [the self-nature of]this Mind?"

Knocks on Clydes head...Hello anybody home?! Clyde...clyde...this is the ghost of christmas past. I am a bit early this year but a bunch of angry demons were very insistent in their desire to make me greet you that there are no more places left down there in the lowest realms for deluded idiots like you. You have to try the realms of the hungry ghosts instead.

Gosh man, reviewing some of the links you referred tells me everything about your poor spiritual state.

Clicking on the link of the mindfulnes farts sorry -arts I mean...I could as easily have clicked on latest prison news. How to make your cell more comfy. Or, how to laugh at your misery or how to be mindful of your unlucky birthdestination or how to be mindful of the prisonwardens batoon being shoved up your .ss.

The same can be said about the others. Once again I see zero spirituality in your suggestions. I also fail to see any clear method on how exactly you have managed to find a clear path out of samsara before your present or past transgressions matures into a body in your next life so unpleasant you would rather swallow a hot iron rod here and now. Happily.

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