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July 07, 2011


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The complete establishement of materialism and the overwhelming rule of a total kleptocracy in today USA is presented here in a rather ominous way;

The Shape of Things To Come

Charles Hugh Smith


Greek wouldn't count for the coining of an English term even though they communicate the same meaning, but nonetheless whether or not I am sure that Berkeley coined the English version of the term (I'm not in fact, he might have), it is an important point that java junkie makes, I think, to be quite sure that "materialism" by any name in ancient languages is no latecomer to the scene of philosophy as the Zennist's first sentence suggests.
Even, importantly, the Buddha of the Nikayas encountered it in India and rejected it in no weak way (see any Nikayan description of the 'natthika' views and you encounter it and its forceful rejection by the Buddha).

You need a history lesson old coot. Materialisms oldest mention is in the Fragments Of Pythagoras in mentioning materialists (hylesimos)

About 2500 years older than your socalled oldest mention. Get yer learnin on

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