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July 19, 2011


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and youre a twit(er) addict? goodness old coot
you trying to impress trash so Fing stoopid on that site they make S Batchelor look like Plotinus by contrast

your weiner slipped outta its bun dipshit ....good gods, youre a Fing moron to invest time etc in twitt-zville trash scum

The magnitude of your stupidity in such an effort is off the Richter... I appreciate however laughing so hard for so long.. such chuckles are healthy i hear

dont forget to tweet your teenager twits and twats your fortune cookie "wisdom". ... goodness what a lark

Excellent eloquence! Most erudite take on the characteristics of Bodhisattvahood in relationship with one's samsaric peers.

Sorry Junkie, not my translation. If you bothered to actually read the blog The Zennist attributes the quote to D.T. Suzuki who is dead, btw.

manovijnana is 'conscious machinations (mano)' or conscious-pretubations.....not 'agent'

metaphysically it refers to secondary and existential attribution/objectification

i.e. identity phenomenology

Get you 'learn' on coot

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