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June 22, 2011


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I feel that what should really be said as a corrective about morality is that there are two types of morality as there are two paths (four if you count accordant and discordant: see MN 117 "The Great Forty").

In outward appearance the two moralities superimpose (The Buddha adhered perfectly to outward morality), but in principle or aim they are different (see the beginning of the Brahmajala sutta), like superimposing a hologram (the transcendent path) over a 2D picture (the "moral" path)...from the front they appear identical, but by going deeper one sees a further dimension to the hologram and realize that the 2D picture is imprisoned even if what it depicts is beautiful, it stops and is trapped in the surface of the picture (the world). Each of the path factors is like this. A superimposition, but the transcendent path always has a further dimension.

“Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing wonder and awe: the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.”
- Immanuel Kant

Moral laws are neccessary but they are only for children and nations in their infancy.

True right action/behaviour comes from insight/wisdom that transcends moral laws. For example, in Schopenhauer`s moral right action comes out of the conviction that all sentinent beings are the same single will to live. Recognizing this, one should treat others like oneself therefore overcoming egoism.

Kenny Wheeler wrote;

"the fools confuse "aught to do" or conducive
with profane conduct/morality

the wise few like myself know this. most dont."

There has never been, nor is, any wisdom in your words. Only desperation. You are not what you imagine yourself to be nor are those you scorn what you imagine them to be eg. beneath you.

I detect a heavily unbalanced mind with to many mental problems to mention here. You have probably cultivated them since childhood and many lives before that. This spiritual inertia will not cease until you cease with this unhealthy activity of assumed enlightenment.

"Only our spiritual nature is perfect. It is boundless and all pervasive, never comes into being nor does it pass away."

This form of transcendentalism was vehemently denied by the Buddha. It's OK to subscribe to it, it is a marvellous, awe-inspiring teaching etc., but let's not erroneously confuse it with Buddhism. Buddhist teaching and practice is decidedly anti-Absolutist, anti-transcendentalist, anti-substantialist and anti-permanence.

it is amoral monism
illumination has NO bearing within any sphere of morality

" beyond good and evil" by this is meant

the fools confuse "aught to do" or conducive
with profane conduct/morality

the wise few like myself know this. most dont

this is the same idiocy between religion which
itself is secularized metaphysics.

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