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June 20, 2011


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bob, like most braindead many, consumates
the fallacy that the Subject/Atman/nous/citta can be an OBJECT (material/ existential) of examination/measure

this of course is an existentialist mobius loop
of insanity born of fundamental agnosia

bob, you are an idiot in the extreme.

"objective reality" to which you refer pertains
only to the cosmos aesthetos, ie materiality
ie materialism

the subject of this blog is METAphysics

bob, son, you need to be put in your place
and realize the founders of the scientific method.... plato and aristotle, do not begin to
stoop to your brainless pseudo-deductions contrary to logic

In a nutshell, reproducibility is the hallmark of scientific observations. In this light it is noteworthy that many Zen Masters in different cultures and over a time span exceeding 2000 years have reported the existence of a difficult-to-attain supra-conceptual mystical awareness. This reproducible observation is not in conflict with science. Google the "Science & Zen: A Closer Look" essay by Chuan Zhi on the Hsu Yun website.

Kojizen "You cannot be serious!"

Bob, what scientists are taught is to love the fallacy of affirming the consequent.

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