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May 29, 2011


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Welcome to the club. Now you know the difference between BS teachings by bald knuckleheads filled with opinions and hot air and the true teaching (buddhadharma)by Mind Only "teachers".

Yesterday I experienced Mind for the first time. Before that experience, I thought "Mind" was only a word.

I have seen it meat & flesh, it absolutely blew me away. It was like Plato's cave allegory, seeing the Sun for the first time.

Now I know everything you write about is the absolute truth (except I'm not sure about how you view Dogen).

In my past comments, I was deluded.

I wish you could contact me by E-mail and give me some guidance. Any way, you helped me a lot already by insisting on Mind, Mind, Mind only. That is the key. Everything else is distraction and leads to delusion, illusory phenomena.

How incredible that it is Mind that creates the world? How incredible that "substance" or the "thingness of a thing" are ephemereal. How incredible that the world is completely void.

How impossible it is to point to it, to show it, to know it. It is nowhere to be found, it's not in any time and space, it's absolute pure and simple, beyond anything inside the human imagination.

If someone were to ask me and I were to describe it, I would be labelled insane, I think. I'm afraid to forget what I saw.

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