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May 02, 2011


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no. the student must be ready first. he must not be the most ignorant of all.if so, he will not learn. jessi kyann

You are trying to tell Suziki what he was trying to tell you! *L*


“There is no Bodhi tree,
Nor is a clear mirror the stand.
Originally, all is empty
So where can the dust motes land?”
- Huineng

Intrinsically there is no dust.


Clyde, intrinsically beings are not "fleeting and fragile." They seem to be this way because they cling to what is fleeting and fragile. This "clinging" is the problem, including the dust in their eyes and their incorrigibility.


Whether a being has “lots of dust in their eyes” or “little dust in their eyes”, a being is fleeting and fragile, and the Buddha’s compassion was for fleeting and fragile beings.

And I appreciate your concern and compassion for me, even if you believe I have ‘lots of dust in my eyes’ : )


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