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May 03, 2011


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K Grey, I know Dogen used Bodhidharma as a model for his sitting theory. But I don't think Dogen bothered to read the Chinese or the Sanskirit. Bodhidharma's bi-guan is literally wall-insight, insight/guan being a rendering of vipasyana.

Nice analogy, and I do prefer Mexican Coke.

I appreciate your knowledge and sincerity - and attempts to hold some feet to the fire when their Birkenstocks head down the new age paths.

Your focus on form though seems to me to be another form of the same preoccupation of those you deride.

True Zen, Original Zen...

Empty words for me. Zen itself, a word. How many even know the origins, what Ch'an means? I think I can assume you do, yet funny you question Dogen on sitting (based on his study of Bodhidharma's teaching if my limited overview of the history is right). Bodhidharma taught sitting, and thus Ch'an and later Zen got their names.

Enough of that, I don't need to get into Zen history and nomenclature with a Zennist.

Analysis and commentary has it's use, and yours make for good reads, but what are you really prescribing?

Is it really a crime of Westerners use different words, mix practices, sit or don't sit. Easterners have done this from the beginning, forming many branches and sects. Few East or West actually do what is suggested and far fewer wake their asses up. Let the rest play dress up.

Mexican Coke is still available to them should their thirst deepen. They can let the empties just sit...

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