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May 04, 2011


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“If the man in the tree does not answer, he fails; and if he does answer, he falls and loses his life.  Now what shall he do?”

As you say: “The average person, as they look into the terrifying abyss of Suchness, demand to know what this Suchness is before they commit themselves to letting go.” might respond:

Why not grab onto a limb with his arms/hands, answer the question (or respond that he doesn’t know), then hang on with his teeth again (if he want to)? Otherwise, if he completely lets go to answer the question, he better be a fast talker as he falls.

In other words, most people would rather remain in their comfort zones of illusion, rather than take risks to venture into the abyss, or ascribe to the notion that “he who loses his life shall find it.”

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