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May 24, 2011


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Though I am only a humble householder, please consider my query re. the posting of Yu Rei and preceeding...

VIZ: Is the UNBORN BUDDHA MIND of Bankei a thing? Or, is it an expression of Dharma of no Dharma?

The truth of the matter is that Mind is not the phenomena and Mind is exactly identical to phenomena.

These two sentences seem to be opposed, and the very illusion of difference is the veil of Maya.

The veil of Maya is in the appearance that "is" and "is not" are separate.

The truth of the matter is that Mind is absolutely separated from phenomena, while at the same time being absolutely identical to it.

When one can think those two sentences at the same time without seeing any contradiction, one has the true seeing (which is, at the same time, a no-seeing; there is nobody there to see anything).

In the sentence "The Mind is Mountains and Rivers" Mind is both equal and separate from Mountains and Rivers. As, for example, in Hegel's sentence "Mind is a bone". It expresses the highest principle of how Mind can become its own otherness (phenomena) without losing itself into it. How it can be both equal and separate at the same time. "Identity of identity and non-identity."

It is similar to Nagarjuna's saying that from the absolute standpoint, Nirvana is exactly Samsara. It doesn't mean that the two words mean the same. It means that two different things (Nirvana and Samsara) are at the same time the same thing. This sameness of sameness and difference is what is graspable from the absolute standpoint, from the standpoint of complete and ultimate non-duality.

Many will say "This is German philosophy, conceptual thinking; Zen is beyond that." - That is exactly foolish. There is just One Matter in this world, not many matters. While Buddhism is soteriological and European philosophy isn't, it still doesn't mean that there are many Minds or many principles, or that there is a Japanese and a European Mind.

Before our parents were born, we were not Japanese or European.

If Dogen is a phenomenalist, than he is certain wrong; if he is not a phenomenalist, then he is certainly wrong. Since both phenomenalism and non-phenomenalism are wrong.

This is what should be investigated here: "You do not see that the fundamental dharma of the dharma is that there are no dharmas, yet that this dharma of no-dharma is in itself a dharma; and now that the no-dharma dharma has been transmitted, how can the dharma of the dharma be a dharma?"

You are living in a country infested with incurable God-freaks, solid materialists and inbred rednecks. I consider it a true miracle, if your zen penetrates the thick crust of self induced ignorance in even one of these spiritual troglodytes.

To them a good "holy" appearance, even in fancy expensive winter or summer Koromo robes (1000 bucks a set!)of the japanese tradition, is more important than genuine spiritual insight.

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