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May 25, 2011


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This may be silly but the kalyana-mitra "virtuous friend" reminds me of the 1950 film "Harvey" which we enjoyed recently via Netflix.

Kojizen; I think my view of Zen was closer to the Zennist’s some years ago, when I ‘practiced’ alone (without a teacher or sangha). But my experience of Zen has evolved, especially when I began sitting with a (non-sectarian Buddhist) sangha and meeting living teachers.

Clyde, Hasn't your experience of Zen always been different than The Zennist's? :o)

I found this article useful in a paper I am writing at university. Hopefully, I get an A+ now!

Here and in other posts you assert that “polite Buddhist circles” (or sometimes “Western Buddhists”, etc.) hold this view or that view. My experience is different and I wonder: What “polite Buddhist circles” have you engaged? What Buddhist teachers have you met and talked with? What Buddhist sanghas have you sat with and discussed Buddhist doctrine, practices and experiences?


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