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May 11, 2011


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“A mere shell, a chattering muppet. . .”

This reminded me of something I wrote:

We masquerade as bodies.
We pretend to be souls.
And we hypnotize ourselves with words.

clyde, the old hippie :)

Beat Zen was sure a fun place to start!

Clyde, clyde?!!...(knocks on clydes head), anybody there?

Tell me, oh wise being, oh knower of primordial Zen dharma, you offer us such nice comments, at first glance, but once I look closer I see nothing but emptiness. A mere shell, a chattering muppet, offering platitudes to others that so far has failed to free himself from samsara. Much like Goldman Sachs offering crap derivatives to their own clients and then betting against them on the market.

Clyde, clyde?!!...(knocks on clydes head), presently you are a walking corpse looking for a grave.
Your ontological ignorance can only reach so far before you fall of a cliff, like the rest of your pop-zen buddies. Consider me your personal bodhisattva/demon, there to mock and torment you till the end of time, unless you hear that distinct plopping sound, meaning you have successfully removed your head (*hau-t'ou*) from your ass (hua-wei) and discovered the light of your true non-stinking nature.

Clyde, I think you have the third mixed up with the first you old beatnik. :)

“As for the third Zen which Watts doesn't seem to take up although it is mentioned in the title, this is not Zen in the abstract—this is Zen that has been handed down to us in literature which paradoxically is always pointing to that which transcends the Buddhist canon, namely, the Buddha's very own enlightenment. This, to be sure, is a profound mystery which goes beyond the subjective pale of human experience and its institutions; which is the heart of Zen.”

Yes, thankfully this “third Zen . . . has been handed down to us in literature”, so we can read, study and ponder the words of the Masters. But there are also living Masters and a few of them may be disguised as Zen Priests; others . . . may be a neighbor, a co-worker, or a local merchant; even a blogger :) Anyone could be an awakened being because everyone has Buddha-nature; so everyone can become an enlightened being.

And thankfully there is “the subjective pale of human experience and its institutions” which includes the Masters, both living and dead, the literature, the rites and rituals. This Zen “of human experience and its institutions” transmits the teachings that “the heart of Zen” goes beyond.


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