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April 28, 2011


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"The Dude abides."

Nice to see some pop-culture "Zen" references you do seem to flow with (no need to endorse/reject).

Good post, and also enjoyed azanshi's comment (serious or not). Always fun to see the things people project onto a "Buddha" (as they do with all teachers). Assumptions of this or that behavior not being appropriate. Denying their humanity. So misses the teaching! Lots of great Zen literature dispels that nonsense! Pass the Sake! More abstinent monks leaves more for me. Perfect.

Very ‘enlightening.’ Dudimuni indeed.

Careful there dude. If one didnt know better one would believe you are claiming that Buddha Gautama, after his perfect enlightenment, re-engaged in carnal love (as in his youth), screwing young village babes by the bushel, while smoking local grown pot and exhaling smoke in the face of dharma thristy disciples. Come on!?

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