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April 13, 2011


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Kojizen and Azanshi,

I am suggesting that, as the Buddha states in the Diamond Sutra, "no one can be called a bodhisattva who creates the perception of a self or who creates the preception of a being, a life, or a soul". In other words, someone convinced of the need to save such an illusory "other" would not be an authentic bodhisattva. Rather they would be creating an imaginary/illusory bodhisattva, the perceived object of their own real but dualistic and deluded mind. The characteristics of a true bodhisattva they are conceptually imputing to themselves are actually non-existent within them. Hence their actions would likewise be the illusory product of their mistaken imagination.

yes yes, but there is also delivering beings from suffering in the conventional sense, such as feeding the hungry. If you were starving, could you eat your own essay and be well?

Liberation is noetic Self-actualization, the persona non grata (or being) has its origins and demise in the temporal flux and fires of time.

Buddhism in EVERY form lacks the intelligent lexicon and philosophical framework which is a hindrance to comprehension and pithiness.

Again, the Greeks overpower the lump of Indian metaphysics which delves into vagaries.

Also the very same reason all Indian Metaphysicians ultimately turned to Greek Platonism OVER that of their own texts, or as use to grasp their own.

"It takes an illusory being to create the illusion of liberating an illusory being."

Way of mark here froggy. Only what is real possesses the power to create. Wether awaken to itself or not, it can still create/animate. Something illusory, even a being, cannot create anything at all. Initiated visible action/creation by that which is real(dormant bodhisattva/Buddha-to-be)is illusory and a result of will combined with desire, temporality and appearance of the desired.

Next time you better check your dharmawisdom or the Lanka before you try to entertain the pond of frogs with useless zen-platitudes.


Are you suggesting that an illusory snake superimposed on a real curled rope at night creates itself and the liberation of itself from illusion?

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