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April 20, 2011


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"[...]rather it is more like a search for the most intrinsic part of us which, believe it or not, is immaterial, undying and certainly not dependent upon this frail body we inhabit."

Forgive me my ignorance, this is limited by personal experience:
The Buddha Mind is undying, however it has never been born. The body is an illusion, as the taste of tea in my mouth.

I'm sure you could have continued, in that case you would have experienced that even eternity does not exist.

My Master, always cool as a fresh summer breeze, told me;

"The human condition hasn´t changed much since the time of our Lord. Desire and pleasure, fear and hate…If you find yourself caught up in any of these poisons of the inverted Mind, you have yet to escape rebirth in samsara. How can you value an empty emotion or an un-revivable memory so much, that you prefer a body of birth, life, sickness and death before the liberating grace of your true nature?".

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