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April 14, 2011


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“There is no end to this samsaric process except to awaken from it.”

Okay. BUT, how did the Buddha come to ‘know’ this? Or at least, how can we come to know that he really did come to know this as being the capital ‘T’ Truth? Who, today -- living, can I contact who really has come to know this empirically?

It strikes me as odd that Bronkhorst does not see the direct connection with liberation in the first two insights or any progressive liberation from the first to the third.

My master told me;

"Those who pay no particular attention to Substance and Function of the uncreated Mind, in their zen training, are barred entrance into the stream of arhats. A bright light is needed to reveal the One Reality of the One Mind, and this light has no origin in this or any other apparent reality of impermanent and everchanging conditions."

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