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March 31, 2011


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I will give myself 'thirty blows' for that earlier comment of mine. Apparently, I stumbled over your 'all is in vain' (Great Doubt?)and hit my head on 'sitting is Enlightenment' and was unconscious after that. I didn't come around 'til a careful re-reading cleared my head. A very fine mini-essay, indeed!

This is a brilliant micro-essay.

You must admit that this idea that 'sitting is Enlightenment' is primarily a Japanese take on Zen? Classical Chan includes this notion(perhaps modified), but it can hardly be said that this is what Chan is about without risking a slide towards the kind of rigidity the Japanese have often been accused of spreading. Besides, it is a rather pedestrian analysis of Beckett's play, where all's resolved by merely 'doing the right thing', no offense.

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