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March 15, 2011


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My master told me;

"There are those whom believe it is possible to learn about the Buddha Mind by using their everyday mind. Little do they know that only through the effortless use of the Buddha Mind can they choose to learn about the everyday mind and even imagine it to be the Buddha Mind which it is not. The difference here is important. It grants sufficient power to break the spell of the aggregates, once this hidden principle is fully brought forth, realized and applied as such."

This is part of why "I" do not call "my"self "Buddhist". All "isms" appeal to false-self. Adaptations within them are to suit this "me" character (or us/them) and thus create some story of "my" (our) Buddhism. Only the superficial can be so adapted, as core is without character. It can be ignored, or misunderstood, not altered. There is nothing to adapt save for delusion itself, so they merely guild or make spartan their prisons as suits their egos. If, instead of Westernizing or otherwise adapting the systematic aspects, one drops them (sets aside, does not cling or make value judgments), all then is "core". No need to change anything, only the relation to everything.

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