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March 10, 2011


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Good article. reading it I recall one of the easiest and more "comfortable" Mahayana Buddhist texts, the Bodhicaryāvatāra (by santideva) especially chapter 36-39.

asaṃstavāvirodhābhyām eka eva śarīrakaḥ |
pūrvam eva mṛto loke mriyamāṇo na śocati ||36||

Free from commerce and hindrance, possessing naught but his body, he has no grief at the hour of death, for already he has died to the world;

na cāntikacarāḥ kecic chocantaḥ kurvate vyathām |
buddhādyanusmṛtiṃ cāsya vikṣipanti na ke cana ||37||

no neighbours are there to vex him or disturb his remembrance of the Enlightened and like thoughts.

tasmād ekākitā ramyā nirāyāsā śivodayā |
sarvavikṣepaśamanī5 sevitavyā mayā sadā6 ||38||

Then I will ever woo sweet Solitude, untroubled dayspring of bliss, stilling all unrest.

sarvānyacintānirmuktaḥ svacittaikāgramānasaḥ |
samādhānāya cittasya prayatiṣye damāya ca ||39||

Released from all other thoughts, with mind utterly set upon my own spirit, I will strive to concentre and control my spirit.

Good words to remember whenever the need to leave a transitional thing behind becomes to hard.

Nirvana too being a "transitional object", if experienced apart from Samsara. "Emptiness" or "Bliss" being the biggest "blankie" of all. Rather than carrying it, it carries us. Still a separation there...

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