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March 07, 2011


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@ Kojizen. I didn't say that the Buddha said the self is conditioned, your host did (I was quoting him and arguing against it) -- and no one that I see mentioned refuge. The parts between the sets of *_* are where I was responding to zenmar, with the zenmar bits just above each set.

You fellers are a hoot!


A Secular Buddhist

This star is a stephen batchelor fan and self confessed "sceptical buddhist". She is basically your local texan redneck reading the pali canon upside down. If you were to mention the Lankavatara sutra or Mahaparinirvana sutra she would probably think you were talking about some lady gaga album.

Any further comments are superfluous.

Star is one of those crypto nihilistic snakes the Zennist has spent so much time warning his readers about. At first when I arrived here to this blog I asked myself why is this Zennist so obsessed trying to assert the self as such is souvereign and beyond the aggregates. To any spiritually evolved sattva whom have evolved some measure of bodhi this is a given. The Buddha spoke about so many other great things, like various levels of dhyana, the various stages of bodhisattvahood, once the gotra is cultivated and bloomed, various siddhis and realities of the One Mind and so on.

Reading the ignorant ramblings and laughable attempts to dalectically disprove the self by this well versed snake and deciver calling himself Star I can understand the Zennist that this is the kind of spiritual idiots he has encountered so many times online at various forums like e-sangha and so on. It is not the evil karma this snake amassess by corrupting the words and message of our Lord Buddha but more the virtuous battle the Zennist upholds against this disciple of Mara and his likes.

You have my deepest respect and awe in your continued defence of the dharma Zennist.

Star: Please provide us with passages from the Nikayas where the Buddha states in clearest words that the Self is conditioned and not a refuge.

Good luck!


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