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February 16, 2011


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I'm glad qbrick made the comment about nihilism....... Nihilism is definitely an inherent aspect of the Western mind, just as much of a reaction against modern scientific thinking as Satanism was a direct reaction against Christianity. This purely materialistic/scientific worldview has snatched up the position of Truth from religious worldviews here, and it colors anything that comes to the consciousness of those in this culture.

I think Zen exist regardless of my opinion on the matter.I have only studied meditation thru the martial arts for around 32 years now.during that time I have become separated from any thing religious just by the true nature of compiled mediation.At the same time my connection and realization that each speck of matter is connected thru a greater consciences has brought me a overwhelming feeling of everything's tremendous importance in the chain of all existence past present and future.To tie this to Christianity Buddhism McDonalds Judaism or Green Eggs and Ham would feel like an Anchor keeping me from the true nature of Zen for lack of any other word in our primitive society as it exist today.It is touching us allways. Be still quite your mind and you may feel it. Thank you for this excellent article

Okay, I hear you, but I need to give this more thought.

In the interim, I am absolutely on the same page as for the ‘E’ word -- enough said about that. Might I also mention that I try very hard to understand the concept of ‘emptiness’ as it is meant to be understood by undiluted Zen Buddhism.

Okay, now let me cut to the chase regarding my usage of the term Zen. I refer to myself as being a Zen Christian. Is it wrong to use that term? I fail to understand why Buddhism has an exclusive claim on the concept of Zen, especially, if as you state (and I absolutely agree), “Meditation (which is the meaning of "Zen" after all”.

To my way of thinking, one of the main objectives of any spiritual/meditative practice is to come to a realization of the true nature of self and the relationship of that self to everything else within the province of reality. I don’t think Buddhism has all of the answers, or can it provide the complete way to accomplish that objective *for me*, and neither can or does any other ‘ism’ or formal belief system. But when I think of myself as a Christian with Buddhist enhancements or influences practiced in a Zen modality, I feel like I am on the right track although some astute person(s) may insist that I have neither a complete and accurate understanding of Christianity nor Buddhism. And they may be right according ‘to the book’. Regardless, I can’t divorce myself from feeling or thinking or myself as being a Zen (more so than ‘Zen-like‘) person. If that’s a Zen Buddhist heresy, then I am guilty as charged, I suppose.

But I still need to give this more thought.

Nihilism is inherent of the western culture, so while the ancient (or better phrased traditional) 'buddhist cultures' to the present day are full of divine beings, soul etc., westerners simply have a different starting point. From my experience, sitting transcends my nihilism, makes my nihilism complete, so my guess is, practice is experienced in a similar way by Asians. I like to say, no god survives zazen, but just in a way, that no word can be said about it, so that the matter is put to a rest.

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