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February 10, 2011


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The predominant force in USA today is spiritual emptiness. The signs are clear, the suffering obvious and zen buddhism with its original message of saving spirit from this mess, is but one of many victims in this crumbling empire that very much resembles the last days of ancient rome.

On questioning the nature of enlightenment, the transmission of the buddhadharma, , its sudden and gradual aspects, my Master once offered me this analogy;

"Envision a blind man walking on a path filled with various obstacles. No obstacle is there beyond his own creation.

After having collided with countless trees and fallen into various self-made pitholes due to his blindness, the suffering of such actions ignites a desire in the man to one day find a cure to his blindness , as to avoid similar future errors.
This man from now on gathers all information he can on how to develop the sight he lacks.

Due to good merit he one day stumbles upon some rumours of good spiritual sages who went through the same difficulties and managed to gain sight after finding and applying the right cure in the form of a tiny and very rare flower. After many trials and errors, with the desire to see firmly set in his heart, the man one day finds the cure to his blindness on the top of a great mountain. As the night passes and the morning comes when the man awakes from his deep sleep, when he as usually opens his eyes, now cured from the worst poison, a bright light hits him. At first this light seems very scary because it is completely pure and everything he is not, but then as he adjusts his new eyes to its awesome presence. It fills him with wonder as he now sees the reality of all buddhas as he before never saw or could imagine.

From now on this awakened man spends the rest of his time practising the adjustement to this new "reality" that has been there all the time. This is called cultivating the way after first enlightenment. As he walks this true path of the now fully visible Buddhas more enlightenments will follow as his sight and wisdom becomes deeper. Slowly the old world and its pains becomes a bleak memory and the grace of this true reality, a marvellous nirvana that gradually grows beyond any conceptual reach of the old."

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