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February 22, 2011


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I believe that, by placing one's beliefs and methodology, concerning Buddhism, above another persons belief, by elevating one's self higher by claiming that their way is the only 'true' way, they inherently violate the very concept of Buddhism, and the Buddha himself would reject those teachings, as he himself rejected the teachings of the Ascetics when he set off to discover truth.

What is a lay person to do?

Oh my GOD! This little gongregations' childish and arrogant "oh the western mind is just sooooooo degenerate compared to the eeeever so wise east... and us, of course" -whining is getting ridiculous (a little understatement perhaps). It's adolescent orientalism stink is felt in high Tushita heaven. One Mind... pffft! One Giant Ego is more like it.

Because the practicioner refrains from the deepest aspects of proper dhyana, ignorance reigns in his mind about his true nature.

Because the practicioner refrains from confirmation(from a sutra or teacher) of experienced states from the deepest aspects of proper dhyana it is easy to review a false enlightenment as a right one.

Because the practicioner refrains from accepting his true nature as purely imageless in comparison to any thing or state forming in his mind, the false paths of Mara the killer equalling a string of continous rebirths, remains as a painful reminder of his grave errors.

The One Mind is pure and perfect in its suchness, completely dynamic in its instant response, utterly painful in the wrong hands and inexpressibly blissful in the right ones.

Agnosis, original greek "agnosia" meant in ancient times; ignorance or more correctly, being without knowledge or one removed from gnosis - knowledge.

A modern american acolyte of material or quasi nihilistic movements, might reckognize himself as agnostic (read one without knowledge) and pridefully so. Much like a student of math bragging about his ignorance in higher math and still expecting to be admired or reckognized by those whom fully possesses every facet of the latter.

That is the face of todays average western mindset. The prideful reckognition of ignorance, like it were a set of beautiful and precious imaginary clothes of the vain and naked king parading through the streets of his admiring peers. Pride often go hand in hand with vanity. A very dangerous pair of seeds leading to grave and unnecessary future suffering if nurtured in the creative substance of the One Mind for many years. Would you really like to eat such dangerous fruit, once the plant carrying this poison is fully grown?

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