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January 25, 2011


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A home without books is like a house without windows; no man has the right to bring up children without books to surround them.

You are operating in a world where point of view not peer review holds sway. It is your knowledge based on careful research of the buddhahdarma versus the reckless opinions by other "dharma deniers" and freewheeling opinion makers. In such an enviroment you might loose the battle but never the war. Because once they die and face the first wave of their true nature, unable to reckognize it they will regret every second they wasted in making opinions about the buddha dharma rather than studied it with the same precision and passion you have.

Keep up the good fight. I suggest though that you try to embed some good virtues found in real buddhism as a mystic. You cannot write only about the self every time. Remember that you deal with beings on a level slightly higher than apes. They need something exciting to covet so they can leave behind that delicious banana their monkey minds keep promising them if they stray from the path.

I don't share 100% of your positions on Buddhism, but most of it makes sense from my experience and your writing makes it all the more crystal clear.

Thanks for your effort and time.

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