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January 18, 2011


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After May 9 I focused on reading the oldest blogs first and here I am finished with my first reading a little more than 10 weeks later. If these articles were published in several collections of "Zennist essays," I would get in line to buy a copy.

I'm reading this wonderful Zennist thread from both ends, the oldest moving forward and the newest going backward.

I for one do not see nor find any elitism in your public predications about the main difference between a spiritual sangha and a worldly one.

In seeing what others do not see, due to superior knowledge is not something to look down on. A good physician, well educated, possessed with a wise eye based on decades of treatments, can make a correct diagnosis on a sick patient, where the patient himself remains ignorant of his own body. The patient with his eye that lack right knowledge and wisdom can not see anything at all because he is overhelmed with the distressing pain he suffers from the sickness.

The same goes for a superior mathematician, painter/artist like michelangelo or chagall and so on. This is the way of things, the way of reality itself. When you investigate its nature it responds in one way (dharmakaya/nirvana). When you do not care about its nature it responds in another way (samsara/dukkha).

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