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December 08, 2010


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Modern soto zen is pure ritual formalism, much like, say, the catholic church. Anyone can be a soto teacher by just showing up at the zendo for a few years and being polite to the teacher, who will then sanction you as his/her dharma heir. Read a book on psychology and talk drivel, and you will also be renown as a western teacher of great "insight". There is no insult degrading enough for people like this.

The first glimpse of the ox depicts the first view(realization) of the light body/Bodhisattva within.

What is a bodhisattva?

It is the great mystery that escapes the ones obsessed with the skandhas.
It is the lightbody within, the body of pure Mind, the soma of phos [gr. light],
the glorious body of the ascended one, the immortal principle, the body of transformation transcending birth and death; It is the rainbow body which returns to the primordial energetic essence of the five pure lights and so on.
No true sage can bypass this body on their way to buddhahood.
The wise look within and find the layed out path by the shining ones, leading
to the other shore.

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