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December 23, 2010


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The Sutra of Queen Srimala's Lion's Roar discusses how the followers of the two vehicles misunderstand nirvana as "complete rest". The Sutra says they therefore only attain nirvana with remainder because their nirvana has "measurable meritorious virtue" and is not the "immeasurable meritorious virtue" of the Tathagatas.

Here's an excerpt:

"World Honored One, the Arhats and Independent Buddhas cross over the fear of birth and death and subsequently attain the joy of liberation to make this recitation: ‘I am free from the fear of birth and death and do not endure the suffering of birth and death.’
"World Honored One, at the time Arhats and Independent Buddhas investigate they attain the “does not receive later existence” by contemplating the state of the nirvana of primary rest.
"World Honored One, as those preceding ones had attained the state that is not ignorant that the Dharma is not caused by another, likewise [Arhats and Independent Buddhas] know by themselves that they attain the state of “with remainder” and they shall in the future attain unexcelled unified thorough enlightenment. Because why? The vehicles of the listener-disciples and causally awakened ones in all cases enter the Great Vehicle. Those of the Great Vehicle exactly are the Buddha Vehicle. Indeed, because the three vehicles exactly are the One Vehicle, those who attain the One Vehicle attain anuttara-samyak-saṃbodhi. Those of anuttara-samyak-saṃbodhi exactly are the realm of Nirvana Those of the realm of Nirvana exactly are the Dharmakaya of the Tathagata. Those who attain the ultimate Dharmakaya consequently are the ultimate One Vehicle. There is not a different Tathagata; there is not a different Dharmakaya. Tathagata is exactly the Dharmakaya, and those who attain the ultimate Dharmakaya, consequently, are the ultimate One Vehicle. That which is the ultimate immediately is boundless and is not severed."

Honestly, you know what is nirvana? You don't know anything about how things really are. You're just living in your Buddhist fantasy.

And oh, that Zen master is right. And you're wrong. Buddhism and the real life has nothing to do with stupid sutras and books. Go out and live your life.

Can we cut to the chase a bit more? Who is this 'Zen master? If he has said this and it is part of his teaching he can surely have no problem with us knowing who he is and making our minds up about the quality or otherwise of his teaching. Also, who are the contemporary teachers who do demonstrate and practice depth of understanding? I would recommend the film 'A Zen Life' about DT Suzuki which I saw in November this year and illustrates the integrity of this man.

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