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November 08, 2010


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Only stubbornchildren and young punks think they know everything. Until wisdom is beaten into them with a big stick. World is full of young punks playing at being Teachers of the way. So much talking it hurts my ears.

With regard to your closing paragraph, as I'm sure you know, the word "hinayana" is a pejorative term that most accurately translates as "despicable vehicle." It is incorrect to apply the term to the Theravada school. Perhaps that was not your intention, but I feel it's worth clarifying.

Also, the way in which some self-described "Mahayanists" choose to understand the concept of an arahant is likewise not applicable to Theravada.

More generally, regardless of whether a being has attained to any of the noble fruits or paths, the Buddha's teaching is to radiate lovingkindness to all beings without discrimination. These gradations of attainment that you describe are not supposed to be a basis for judging others. They are only a basis to support understanding along one's own spiritual journey. Anyone who tries to judge whether another person is a worldling or a saint is in that moment not practicing Dhamma teachings.

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