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November 09, 2010


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I sometimes ask myself what sort of an agenda are these people pushing? I know that sounds paranoid on my part but it is starting to sound like the argument against intelligent design. What is to be gained from the approach being force fed to the masses? The mind is lulled, open to suggestion, thus placed under unseen and unknown control. Mystical transcendence is a danger to those seeking such control. So it must be reworked into a type of spiritual hypnosis promoting conformity and majority views with a two~party division so there is still a fair amount of discorde.

Hope they will go down like E-Sangha! It is a Buddhist meritorious achievement for that Russian who knocked esangha out of the air :).

It is naturally (and usually) a matter of time before the little Russian friend will be there... again, LOL

By the way, I too was suspended and then banned from ZFI for trying my best to present another view than the one that is being dominated by Nonin, and his sheep. What ZFI started out as has become a institutional Soto zen forum

Yep, ZFI Has become like its' own enemy, and daily getting worse. Here are some posts that back up what you experienced there.

These are in responses to....which is itself is a good read...


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2010/11/06 10:42

PS - By the way, Dogen may be "incomprehensible" to you, but his incomprehensibility makes perfect sense to many of us clowns. :-)

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