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November 14, 2010


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Jundo I think you misunderstand. Shikantaza as taught in modern japanese soto zen (and the west) is unauthentic crap - as are it's practitioners. Try (if you dare) to deeply penetrate a real koan and stop wasting your time.


I think you misunderstand and mischaracterize Shikantaza, at least as I have ever found taught. We do not ignore the Sutras, but bring them to life ... on and off the Zafu which has no "on" or "off".

Seems that Katagiri was saying that we do not just believe the Buddha's teachings, but "realize" them (realize, as "make real, bring to life"). Don't need to believe everything you read, however. If you want to argue that all of the 1001 Suttas and Sutras are right while none are wrong (or at least, apply to some people in some situatons ... not to each and every situation ... the ol' Skilful Means view), then why are they filled with such seemingly contradictory positions, recommendations and statements? Someone has to be wrong.

Thus, in a moment of Shikantaza, all such is pierced, transcended, revived, made to walk in the world on solid ground. We walk right, seek not to head wrong ... all while "right" and "wrong" are no longer the issue!

Gassho, Jundo

How do you use your frontal lobe when meditating? (I ask sincerely..)

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