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November 24, 2010


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Yes, and you will be reborn into 'tradition' as well.

Like being reborn into one of the many casts of India, or maybe being born into the rice eating habit culture of the Chinese, or get into the soup of the gun-toting culture of USA! Yee Haw! :)

'Tradition' however is not a bad thing. Mundane tradition is a bad thing. Real Zennist practice the tradition of acquiring and realizing the Buddha Mind. That is the different thing!

Heck, be like typical American, just watch football and drink beer for the lifetime and you are assured to be reborn as such, or worse :)


What’s your point?

Zen is a tradition, an institution with rites and rituals, with doctrines and practices, and lineage – and the lineage is imperfect, the doctrines and practices may not work for everyone, and some may not benefit from the rites and rituals. But no one is required to be a Zennist. One can be a Theravadan, Mahayanist or a Varjayanist, a Pure Lander, or merely a Dharma practitioner. Mind isn’t the property of any Buddhist tradition or even of Buddhism, so one can follow other traditions or no tradition.

Why identify yourself as a Zennist if you aren’t comfortable with the tradition?


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