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November 04, 2010


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I don't know Zennist?Sometimes you seem to be a bit simplistic in your analyses.Yet with the knowledge you have I wonder if you are actually trying to stimulate an attempt at debate or clarification.Well,I'll take the bait:
Didn't the Buddha say he gained nothing from unsurpassed enlightenment?And,"Form is emptiness,Emptiness is form".Also,Hui-Neng's poem said "Since everything is void,Where can the dust alight?"Could the 3 bodies of the Buddha(and their unity)be relevant to this topic?Is our fundamental nature not Buddha-nature?If it is,then perhaps meditation could be a way of manifesting our inherent,unconditioned enlightenment in the realm of form.This might also explain the benefits of the sitting posture to assist the inherent nature to gradually permeate the transient form?Like acknowledging the energetic effects of meditation?Dogen spoke about being BEFORE thinking as opposed to simply not thinking.And as he emphasised the need for both formal and informal meditation he must have known that the inherent Buddha Nature required practice to flower as the 'complete' Buddha manifestation.Perhaps the best way to manifest it is to abide in/as it?
Whether or not the institution of Soto Zen is currently practicing the principles of Soto Zen might also be a necessary distinction.
Anyway,I took the bait.I hope I haven't simply got stuck on the hook in order to tempt bigger fish...

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