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November 11, 2010


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Couldn't it be that the "wall" also symbolizes turning away from the world? People look at this and that, but nobody would look a wall. A wall is the least interesting thing in the phenomenal world. So gazing a wall could also mean to gaze what is most uninteresting (in the phenomenal) because one is - really engaging in something totally different, non dual, above and outside all phenomena. That is to say, the wall is a metaphor of turning away from all dharmas, to where? An inward-turning.

Similar to Heraclitus, the father of Western philosophy, who said all his insight came from "Self-inquiry", following Delphi's GNOTHI SEAUTON!

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Does it truly matter whether we face the wall or away, is there any of the Juppo 10 Direction(s) that is not faced at once, faced and facing? Our self seeps into every stone and crevice of the wall, the wall is every crevice and stone of the sitting. No wall to face, no body to face the wall ... just Original Face originally facing.

And in this way, the wall stands there tall and strong, and I sit here tall and strong ... the wall sits hours of Zazen facing me ... and it hurts like hell when I bump my knee on that damn shining wall.

Something like that.

Gassho, Jundo

My master told me;

"The chan of the ignorant is powerless. It serves no other purpose but to reinforce their own incessant desires and illusions. You should only deal in what works for right knowledge and right release from samsara. Nothing else matters.

What you need for the latter is real power, not found in this world. A power that can effectuate such an extraordinary act with the ease of a singel thought. True chan, as established by the Buddhas, is pure power of the true and indestructable Mind, brought forth in full display.

It is a power you do not forget once you have come to stand face to face with its essence . This power alone can free you from the bonds of birth and death. Thus you should not put your trust in anything else but this power. "

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