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October 13, 2010


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The Buddha didn't deduce the size of an atom some 2500 years ago through contemplating his navel.

typo in the final paragraph: Pali for Palin?

Thanks for the good stuff.

One of the problems i see in the Wests practice and study of Buddhism is that the western ego driven culture adopts an western ego driven Buddhism. The West champions the individual as being the penultimate human creature, so those that study and practice Buddhism do it for mainly selfish reasons. This is the self-help side or psychological Buddhism you speak of. Rather than the extinguishing of ego and expanding the minds capacity for myth and ontological understanding, the individualistic or i would go so far as to say the individuation (Jung) process is paramount to the Westerners purview. It almost takes dropping out of our society to understand Buddhism from the ground up and we all now how difficult that is.

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