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October 24, 2010


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What arethe noble truths and the noble path prescribed if not to remove defilements? To deny that practice has purpose is to ignore the central teachings of the buddha himself. Without adhering to the way you will stumble about. I call that accepting ignorance, not following the way, most certainly not Buddhas way.

What if your already enlightened and THAT is your practice? Enlightenment just being free of delusion, and then maintaining that state of being. It is really not that difficult. What makes it difficult is redefining what it means to be enlightened and what it means to practice. That usually is just an old habit, so one must be aware of going over the old ground to raise the dead horse. :)

Buddha, in the Lotus Sutra, denied atman as separate from the skandas [absolute non-duality]. Hindus posit atman as pure and undefiled consciousness seperate from the skandas [duality]. Some buddhists, like Ken Wheeler, try to get around this by postulating a type of emanationism but, in the end, they deny their equality to the "greater atman." Your view too, fails to accord with the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, particularly those found in Chapter 19, The Merit and Virtue of a Dharma Master, for ewample:

"If, within the great assembly,
One speaks this Dharma Flower Sutra
With a heart free of fear,
Listen to me tell of his merit and virtue:
This person will gain eight hundred
Supreme meritorious virtues of the eyes,
And because of this adornment,
His eyes will be very clear and pure.
With the eyes given him from birth,
He will see throughout the three thousand great thousand world system,
Inside and out, Mount Meru,
Sumeru, and the Iron Ring Range;
As well as the other mountains and forests;
The waters of the great seas, rivers, and streams;
Below to the Avici hell;
Above to the Peak of Existence;
And all the living beings within All of this he will completely see.
Although he has not yet gained the Heavenly Eye,
His flesh eyes will have powers such as these."

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