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September 29, 2010


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We do get sidetracked into defining what "reality" IS, don't we? The process produces an endless amount of rhetoric. No matter how much we read or even who
we read, the inner dialogue doesn't seem to reach any conclusion. For some understand an aspect of reality one way, and then we encounter a differing view on the
same or similar subject. What is the purpose of understanding reality with reasoning? The greek philosophers were engaged in this process in a very serious way, as
many philosophers have been and will be in the future. I wonder if this kind of introspection is what Buddhism teaches. For me Buddhism teaches us to stop the inner
dialect, and the producing of logical arguments and observations about what reality really is. :) We might look and seem really stupid to the intellectuals who expound
with great detail the finer points of understanding current trends in thought and politics and philosophy if we do not have a well reasoned response to the many
quandaries that surround us. But maybe the point of Buddhist practice is to not know how to be superior intellectually. Or be able to argue the finer points of
philosophy or psychology. It is possible that without the inner dialect that people "experience" their lives directly and immediately. There might not be a necessity to
define and describe reality at all. Wow. That might mean that we have nothing to say, then how uncool would that be. :)

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