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August 18, 2010


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I've heard people commenting that they've learned a lot despite the bad behavior of their teacher, but as I think about it, whatever they learned was due to their own efforts, and they would have made just as much progress (or more) with a book from the library.

Who are these people that say they became enlightened about 2 1/2 weeks? Such massive egos & so destructive.
Over the last 2 weeks I have come across a number of people on the net who describe themselves as enlightened. I read what they have written & it's pure drivel.
My Teacher has managed to show me the state of my own mind on a number of occasions & he didn't belittle me, scare me witless or treat me like dirt etc to do it.
If I came across a "Rude Boy/Nasty Girl" posing as a dharma teacher I would hightail it out of there asap because they don't have skilful means & have to rely on aggression to teach. I bet they show 'compassion' to the sycophants who hang on their every word. Their's a sad egotistic & destructive distortion of the dharma.
I really liked this post. Many should read it. Thanks.

"spiritual hazing"
That is an excellent term for what these power junkies are doing to people.
Someone else mentioned recently that Genpo, associate of the Wilber/Cohen conglomerate, with his "Big Mind" get-enlightened-before-lunch approach has no endorsements from any legitimate sources outside his own circle. Not that endorsements are necessary but it does give some indication as to the efficacy/veracity of the program. And none of these have any proteges who go on to work outside of that tight circle.

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