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August 01, 2010


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You have not understood correctly. Right knowledge and right release
are not practices one follows in order to attain to arahantship. They
are factors present together with arahantship. And it is incorrect and
unnecessarily divisive to suggest, as you do, that Mahayana is
superior in its presentation of right knowledge and right release.

Your selective use of texts ignores the broader context of Dhamma
teachings in the Pali canon. There are different presentations in
different contexts, depending on what is being emphasized. Ven.
Bodhi's presentation is valid and reflects a sound understanding of
Dhamma. You may wish to read the notes that accompany The Great Forty in his and Ven. Nanamoli's translation.

It appears you have misunderstood some meditative experience
that you have had. Please tread carefully in this thicket of views you
have entered, and may you soon find release.

Yeah, I've read a lot of those pop Buddhism books, and I see what you mean. The actual message of the Buddha is so much more than the psychobabble view of Buddhism. I appreciate your deep analysis of actual Buddhism. Good work.

samma doesnt mean 'right', home-boy [...].

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